About supervision

I offer supervision to counsellors and therapists, those working in the caring professions as well as those working in organizations that are responsible for public safety.

Supervision is a supportive space for you to reflect on your work, explore and acknowledge the impact on you, receive feedback and maybe guidance. I believe that supervision is there to enable you to have confidence in yourself in your role, to maximise your competence, promote ethical and compassionate practice and also to ensure that you take adequate self care and are not overburdening yourself. Supervision is not counselling; it is offering ongoing professional support to you in your role in a confidential environment.

Safeguarding is also a priority, both for yourself and your clients. Any personal or professional issues which cause a concern for yours or another’s safety may have to be disclosed to an appropriate authority. Should this arise I would discuss this with you wherever possible.

I have been a work place supervisor for many years, have trained as a social work placement supervisor and trained as a counselling supervisor in 2012. I have supervised people who are at the beginning of their career and those who have been qualified for several years.

Supervision sessions usually last 1 ½ hours every four weeks with phone contact inbetween if deemed necessary. Other arrangements may be negotiated; you are welcome to contact me to discuss your requirements.

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Email: carol@herefordtraumacounselling.co.uk
Phone: 07960 559183