About counselling

Sometimes in life we are troubled and unable to move forward in the way that we want. Past events or a recent ‘bolt out of the blue’ can bring us to a virtual standstill. If we are fortunate enough to have supportive and understanding friends or family members it can be hard to burden them with our troubles (maybe yet again). This is how counselling can be effective. It’s time and space, just for you, to explore the issues that are impacting on your life with someone who is not part of your regular life and who will not be emotionally burdened themselves through hearing your story or not be judgemental in any way.

You may have a very clear goal that you want to work towards, you may want to deal with anxiety or depression, lack of confidence and self worth, or you may not know what you want, you just want things to be different. Counselling is individually tailored to you, with the freedom and support to explore your concerns at a pace that is right for you. I work as an ‘integrative’ counsellor which means that I tailor my way of working to the individual, your personality and your requirements and do not stick strictly to any formal counselling approach such as CBT or Gestalt, although I may use aspects of these with you.

Feeling comfortable with your counsellor is an important element in counselling. The first session would be an opportunity for us to meet and see if we could work together and plan a route forwards ie would you want a minimal number of sessions, or would you prefer longer term therapy. Either way, sessions last 50 minutes and for your benefit would need to take place weekly.

Sessions are confidential within the National Counselling Society guidelines and take place at a discreet location in Hereford which I will disclose should you like to make an appointment. There is no sign outside the building which indicates the counselling service.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss your requirements or if you have any questions.

Contact Info

Email: carol@herefordtraumacounselling.co.uk
Phone: 07960 559183